lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009

Doomshine-Thy Kingdom Come (2004)

País: Alemania(Ludwigsburg,Baden-Württemberg)
Año: 2004
Género: Epic Doom Metal
Myspace del grupo:
1.Where Nothing Hurts but Solitude 06:47
2.Venus Day 05:38
3.Light a Candle for Me 05:41
4.Creation (Sad Angel Legend - Chapter of Hope) 06:11
5.Sleep with the Devil (Sad Angel Legend - Chapter of Belief) 06:03
6.Shine on Sad Angel (Sad Angel Legend - Chapter Of Doom) 08:02
7.A Room Without View 05:58
8.The Cross (Still Stands For Pain) 07:54
9.Valiant Child of War 05:25

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