lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

Tears of Mankind-Silent Veil of my Doom (2008)

País: Rusia(Surgut,Khanty-Mansi)
Año: 2008
Género: Melodic Doom/Gothic Metal
Myspace del grupo: no oficial...

1.And There in Eternity We Shall Merge 09:28
2.Silent Veil of My Doom 07:11
3.Queen of Night 06:27
4.Under an Ancient Oak 10:48
5.Without You (To Solitude Pt.2) 03:13
6.For One 10:08
7.On Ruins of Our Love 06:38
8.In My Room 09:22
9.You're Not Here (Silent Hill 3 Remix) 05:58

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