viernes, 17 de abril de 2009

Funeral-In Fields of Pestilence Grief (2002)

País: Noruega(Drammen)
Año: 2002
Género: Funeral Doom/Death/Gothic Metal(early),Melodic Doom/Death Metal(later)
Myspace del grupo:
1.Yield to Me 07:07
2.Truly a Suffering 04:33
3.The Repentant 06:41
4.The Stings I Carry 05:40
5.When Light Will Dawn 08:34
6.In Fields of Pestilent Grief 01:45
7.Facing Failure 06:13
8.What Could Have Been 03:42
9.Vile are the Pains 05:49
10.Epilogue 04:29

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